How to Shop & Reduce Climate Change

Every purchase you make does have an impact. As consumers your choices can make a huge difference to Climate Change.

In order to help you shop sustainably, it’s a good idea to first understand what sustainably is and understand how your own brain works when you make purchase decisions.

We have also created a guide on how to measure your impact on the environment & how to reduce your carbon footprint.

To understand your own psychology and motivation, check out our guide on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. For a simpler overview on how to become a sustainable shopper, we created this guide – The Buyerarchy Of Needs.

When you buy through us, 51% of our profits will support Climate Crisis solutions. This does not include the Cashback or contribution you earn through every purchase you make. This means whatever you buy through us even if it’s not the greenest supplier & even if you take all the Cashback you are still supporting Climate Crisis solutions.

Search for Green Brands find out how we rate our partner stores with Green Badges.

We have created the below guides to help you to reduce your own impact by becoming a more informed consumer.


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