Environmental Policy

We are a carbon Neutral Company

Through our partnership with Ecologi, we have planted thousands of trees and invested in renewable energy. You can view our forest and offsetting tonnes of CO2 here.

Unlike most of our competitors who are for profits, we invest over half our profits back into funding climate crisis solutions. While planting trees and offsetting CO2 is a great start (as long as it’s not green washing), we recognise this alone is not the solution. That is why we have created our platform to generate funds from the shopping we all need to do in order to feed and clothe ourselves. By supporting organisations at the forefront of fighting the climate catastrophe and funding political change, we hope to help change policy governing subsidising fossil fuel companies.

We aim to support two of the SDG’s – Sustainable Development Goals, namely responsible Consumption & Production, “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns” – Goal 12 & Climate Action, “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts” – Goal 13.

Fully Renewable Energy

In order to lead by example, we have made it a priority to use renewable energy or to offset any energy used throughout our business via renewable energy projects. Our website and platform is 100% carbon neutral.

Climate Neutral Workforce

We achieve a climate positive workforce by offsetting all staff members’ activities from working from home, work travel to all work related activities.

As we’re still a very young small company, it has been easy for us to achieve carbon neutrality, however we fully intend to continue our commitment to a Climate Neutral workforce as we grow.


We do everything possible to increase the efficiency of our operations and have procedures and guidelines that reduce energy use. Simple things like switching off office lights when the facilities are not in use, reducing heating to the minimum acceptable levels and switching off electrical equipment when it’s not needed.


We recycle all our paper, use recycled paper for our printing needs, return obsolete electronics and toner and ink jet cartridges.