Frequently Asked Questions

Find here all the questions that you may have about the usage of our website, terms, how it works, referral etc.

Where are the trees planted ?

The reforestation mostly happens on government owned land in developing countries, always with authority from the local community but the rights and authority will vary depending on the nation and planting site. The agroforestry efforts normally happen on sites owned by small-scale farmers. Most of our tree planting is mangrove planting in Madagascar. View this project here.

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Who owns the trees ?

The local communities own the trees as they were part of the restoring of the forest during their employment period but there is an exception as when agroforestry trees are planted at small plot farmer sites where the farmer owns the land they also own the trees plus the proceeds from them.

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How the land is protected ?

Strong relationships with communities and governments have been formed due to hard work from the eden reforestation projects. There are efforts to make concrete agreements to allow the forest to be perpetual. The forest guards help to keep the forest in tack as they are paid a salary while it is being restored and when it is fully restored there is an endowment to fund the guards.

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How tree planting is tracked ?

They are tracked using a reliable counting system that counts and sorts the seedlings produced in the nurseries or mangrove propagules collected. Then after they are collected and then planted in their designated area.

Each tree planting clump will specify, the quantity, who it was funded by, how many days ago it was funded, the species, total tree numbers planted, the country and location along with a link to google maps taking you to the location as well as another with the full project name and details including videos.

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How are the trees are protected ?
  • The local communities benefit from the restored forest through fisheries, improved farming, cleaner water, food, shade and formation of microenterprises so destroying it would gain no other benefits so it gives an incentive to keep the forest perpetuity.
  • There are forest guards that are funded through the forest guard endowment fund to give protection to the forest for a long time.
  • The locals are given different fuel sources so that the need for charcoal is reduced/removed.
  • Agroforestry species are planted which over time becomes a means of sustainable income.
  • The locals plant the trees which stops poverty within the local community so they don’t need to destroy the forest for their own selfish needs and gives them a motivation to look after the forest as it is seen as their own.
  • There is no planting in logging areas although there isn’t a 100% guarantee but everything is done to stop it.
  • There are agreements with the government to protect the forest.

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How Trees In Your Forest Works

We publish how much cashback our partners offer in addition to how many trees we can plant for you through our partner Ecologi who is also one of our shopping partners.

You can view details on how to get trees planted through your shopping our tree planting projects around the world and links to the evidence we provide of projects here.

You are free to select any Climate Action projects that match your values. Everything from Activism to Tree planting, view options here.

If you wish to use our tree planting service, when you register select Eden Reforestation Projects as the charity you wish to support. All your fundraising through your shopping will then go to Ecologi into planting trees who in turn plants trees through the Eden Reforestation Projects. We do this to make the entire proposition simple to understand for all parties and enable us to provide transparency with the impact we are making together. You can view our forest online here, we will create your own clump of trees in our forest with your name on it, along with the coordinates and a link to view further information. Here is an example

* The amount of trees planted is based on a % of your order value. We calculate the amount of trees by the average order value (AOV) of online shopping orders that came through mobile phones was 66.8 British pounds during the third quarter of 2020.


What is Sign-Up Cashback

From time to time we may offer a Sign-up Bonus, this is a cash bonus amount usually £5 that is automatically added to your cashback available total. You must have a minimum of £25 in your cashback account accumulated within 90 days of transactions to be able to withdraw this amount. The £5 bonus is therefore our way of helping you on your journey to helping to make an impact on climate change.

Green Brand Ratings – How We Rate Brands

We currently display 12 Green Ratings badges. View details here on how it works.

Are There Cases Where There Is No Cashback?

Yes, there are stores and offers on which there is no cashback applicable. These will not carry the additional Cashback label.

Why Does It Take So Long To Confirm The Cashback?

Unfortunately, the cashback process is such that we have to wait for the store to confirm to us that the purchase was not returned or exchanged. Merchants also use this time to validate that the sale has met conditions for earning of cashback.

We constantly work with stores to reduce this wait period. However, just to be on the safe side we inform you that it may usually take 4-8 weeks for a transaction to be confirmed.

What’s Rewards?

Stores like Amazon allow cashback earned from them to be used only for transfers to gift cards from Amazon . To make this distinction easier to understand, the cashback earned from these merchants is referred to as Rewards.

The process for earning of Rewards is the same as Cashback, and the only distinction being that Rewards cannot be withdrawn to a bank account. It is due to this, that the available balance on a bank transfer page may be less than your actual available balance.

Any stores carrying Rewards instead of Cashback will explicitly mention them on the respective store pages. The majority of stores do not carry rewards.

What Is Cashback?

In addition to the discounts for online shopping that are listed on our website, we also give you an option of earning additional cashback on your online purchases. Stores and offers that have additional cashback can be identified by looking for a cashback labels, like  – “Up to 5% Cashback” or “$ off XX dollar amount purchase” or even “free shipping” offer.