Why sell through Shop For Climate CHANGE?

Why partner with us?

We bring users to Stores_2

Orders not potential sales

Unlike paying for advertising in the hope of converting users into sales, we work using affiliate marketing. As an affiliate, you only pay us a fixed amount when one of our users makes a purse from you directly.

Stores pay us for this Service_2

Brand Experience & build loyalty

You control the brand and user experience on your own website. Unlike selling on the likes of Amazon, or 3rd party sites, your control the entire customer journey. Incentivise your clients to come back to your brand time & again by offering our loyalty program of Cashback for the planet!

We give you a part of his

No Risk

Only pay us for transactions that have been successfully processed not including any returns so you only pay for actual sales. Regardless of your ESG or SDG alignment, just by working with us you will be helping your clients to raise funds to help address Climate Change.

How Affiliate Marketing Works
Our platform works around the Affiliate Marketing Model. We become your shopping partner as your affiliate. As your affiliate we send you our website visitors, they then visit your website to make a purchase. Only when and if they make a purchase from you do you pay us a commission. We then share most of the commission with our users in the form of Cashback or Donations to support Climate Crisis Solutions.

How It Works For Our Partner Stores



We advertise your brand on our website along with your Cashback rates and any special offers to drive your sales.



When our user clicks to visit your website, we track the user until the sale is made using tracking code.



After the purchase is made the transaction is recorded and all your sale transactions are provided in a report for your reference and payment.



A number of days after the transaction you pay us the commission and we share this with the shopper.