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Up to 3.2% Cashback or 17* Trees planted plant-tree in your forest (more)

eBay Cashback, Coupons, Deals for Jan 2023

How it Works

  • 1

    Register/login & click Shop Now

  • 2

    Shop as usual, apply coupon code if available

  • 3

    Earn real cashback & donations in your account

  • 4

    Once confirmed, you get paid or donate to a climate action project

eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces with millions of great Pre-Owned items. Buying Pre-Owned is a great way to help combat Climate Change and save you money. Find virtually anything you can think of from millions of sellers…

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Donation Rates

  • From 0.80%
  • To 3.20%

To ensure your donation is successful

  • Make sure to complete your transaction within the opened tab. If you are not sure, come back and click the store link again
  • If your purchase/payment/checkout on merchant page has an error or failure, please click through our website again
  • Return to our website and click through merchant link when you are making a new transaction.
  • Click through ShopForClimateChange again if there is any error
  • Read Terms and Conditions of the merchant before shopping

Max pay-outs $550 payout per order

eBay Cashback, Coupons, Deals for Jan 2023

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