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Shop for climate CHANGE empowers members to reduce their impact on the planet by earning cashback on their online shopping. Members can choose to use their savings to plant trees or withdraw the funds. We are a registered Social Enterprise, People & Planet before Profit with 51% of our profits going into projects that help reduce climate CHANGE.

Shop for climate CHANGE is a trading name for Commission it LTD, of 105 Heathwood Gardens, London, SE7 8ET Company No. 07410971.

Commission it LTD is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office – registration number ZA288069 – and operates in accordance with all relevant UK data protection legislation in its treatment of personal data provided by users. We are registered certified Social Enterprise with Social Enterprise UK registration no 10780.

1. By using our Site you accept these terms

2.1 By using our Site, you confirm that you agree with and accept these terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms please don’t use our Site.

2. Site membership and usage

2.1 We allow one account per person for purchases on your own behalf, nerver on anyone else’s behalf subject to our fair usage terms.

2.2 We deem the account owner to be the legal owner of the email address used to sign up with us. Any Cashback earned using the account will be credited as if you had made the transaction yourself.

2.3 By using our Site we assume full authority has been obtained from all relevant parties. 

2.4 We reserve the right to refuse membership and or to terminate any account in accordance with our terms of use.

2.5 Our service is for Adults aged 18 or over, by joining the site, you confirm you are over 18.

2.6 We may use 3td party organisations such as Affiliate Networks who provide the tracking technology and reporting in order to provide our service to you.  You acknowledge your consent for us to share certain anonymised data between our organisations.

3. Cashback

So you’re all registered with an account and want to know what else you need to know about earning Cashback. 

3.1 We regard Cashback as an amount of currency earned in your account that you are able to either fully withdraw or convert into an amount of trees that we arrange to have planted for you subject to our payout terms and conditions.

Some of our retailers offer Cashback and some may only offer us the equivalent of Cashback in a monetary form that we can only use for the purposes of funding the planting of trees.

3.2 The way it works is we provide the platform that lets retailers make you offers and you transact with the retailer not us. The retailer provides us with a tracking code using cookies and other technologies, it’s therefore important you have cookies enabled. It’s important you use the same device you use to make your purchase that you use when clicking the links on our website. If you make a purchase on another device that you did not use to link to the retailer the tracking will not be recorded and you will not earn anything. 

3.3 When you have made a purchase it will show up in your account as ‘pending’ or may show as ‘confirmed’ depending on the retailer. When we have been paid by the retailer, it will show up as ‘Payable Cashback’. At this stage you can withdraw the money, use the balance to plant trees or both, subject to our payout terms and conditions.

3.4 The following is Important criteria we use to determine a successful payout to you:

a) By clicking through to the retailer via any link other than the ‘Shop now’ may result in you not receiving any payment. 

b) Any repeat purchase for the same item may not qualify for any cashback. By using our website you acknowledge it is the retailer not us who will determine if any transaction is genuine or not. We will not be able to intervene or be liable for any Cashback not received from a retailer for any reason. 

c) It’s very important to make your purchase from the retailer at the point of clicking through to the retailer from our website. If you go onto another website then go back to complete your purchase, use a different device, or make your purchase another time the transaction may not be recorded under your account and your cashback may not be recorded.  

d) While every retailer does agree to offer the Cashback advertised it is still entirely at the discretion of the retailer if they choose to provide any Cashback.

e) If for any reason you delete your account or disabled for any reason, your Cashback accrued will no longer be available to you. 

f) Your Cashback earned is likely to be declined if you cancel your order or make a return with the retailer. 

4.1 If you feel you did not receive Cashback where you followed our instructions and made a successful purchase with one of our retailers. You may make a ‘Claim’ under your account, however you acknowledge we are not liable to any such claim and only do so in good faith. Furthermore, you acknowledge we will not be held liable for any claims to pay Cashback due from a retailer if any such claim you make is not successful for any reason.

4.2 We endeavour to make payment of funds as close to the estimated dates published. These dates are only meant to provide a guide and we will not be held liable for any delayed payments for any reason where it is not in our control. 

4.3 We do not hold money in your account in the same way as a bank account. Legal title to any funds in your account does not pass onto you until you have physically received the funds in your bank account. 

4.3 In the unlikely event you have received Cashback into your account in error in any way, we will review and audit your account. If the Cashback was made in error we shall seek to retrieve any such funds where possible. 

4.4 You can request Payable Cashback not more than once per week if your Payable Cashback meets the minimum payment threshold.

4.5 If you make any changes to your required payment method we impose a 5 working day delay in making any payments to the new account for your security.

4.6 Withdrawals of your Payable Cashback can be made by bank transfer (BACS), Paypal or any listed Gift Card providers listed under your account. We will endeavour to transfer Payable Cashback into your account as soon as possible however are not able to guarantee how long this will take, in most cases you should receive the funds within 3-5 working days. If payments take longer than this please contact us.

4.7 We will not be responsible for any Payable Cashback made to an incorrect account where you set the account details.  Please make sure you enter the correct details. Any incorrect payments are not likely to be recoverable, if so any such recoverable payment will be subject to an administration fee. 

4.8 Where Payable Cashback is made on your behalf as a donation to a 3rd party, we will impose a minimum payment threshold of £20. This reduces the administration cost for all parties. 100% of your Payable Cashback will be made to the 3rd party on your behalf. 

4.9 Should we suspect any fraudulent activity under your account, we reserve the right to suspend any Payable Cashback and close your account without notice. 

5. Managing your account

5.2 Please ensure not to use any trademarks, brand names or offensive words in your username. Your account may be removed if you do not adhere to this requirement.

5.2 When you register you will not be able to unsubscribe to essential emails in order to effectively use the service. You will however be able to unsubscribe for marketing emails in accordance with our Privacy Policy

5.3 You are able to cancel your membership without notice at any time under your account settings.  

5.4 We reserve the right to cancel your account without notice, if we detect abusive or fraudulent activity under your account. 

5.5 In order to keep our systems up-to-date, any accounts that have been inactive for over 6 months may be removed without notice. 

6. Voucher/Coupon/Discount codes

6.1 Any coupon, voucher or discount code that is displayed on our website is advertised by a 3rd party. We do not offer any guarantee of the validity of any such codes in any way. We would recommend you not to use any such codes in conjunction with expecting any Cashback on any purchases as it’s unusually not possible to have both.

6.2 Any coupon, voucher or discount code used from a 3rd party website can not be used in conjunction with Cashback offers from our retailers. 

7. Refer a friend scheme

7.1 In accordance with our referral scheme, if you refer a friend who signus up with us we will credit your account with the stated refer a friend amount at the time of the referral.

8. Website availability

8.1 Due to ongoing maintenance and other related reasons our website may not be available from time to time for you to use. We are unable to offer any guarantee that our website will be available for you to use at any particular time however generally maintenance work will be carried out late into the evening UTC.

9. Liability

9.1 We may be liable to You only if a court finds that damage suffered by You has resulted from (1) our negligence, fraud or wilful default in carrying out our duties. (2) a misrepresentation by Us of important information, or (3) a breach by Us of this contract or a relevant law. In the absence of any of these, you may not claim against Shop for climate CHANGE (or any officer or employee or duly authorised agent of Shop for climate CHANGE) to recover any damage suffered in connection with this contract.

9.2 Shop for climate CHANGE shall only be liable as highlighted in this Agreement, with no other obligation, liability or duty whatsoever in contract, tort (including breach of statutory duty, negligence or other tort) or otherwise:

i. for any loss of revenue, business, anticipated savings or profits, or

ii. for any indirect, special or consequential loss damage, costs or other claims, however caused or arising, whether through non-supply or late supply of a Shop for climate CHANGE product or service or other non-performance of this Agreement or otherwise.

9.3 For the avoidance of doubt, our liability to pay you Cashback as an Account Holder is not affected by our liability clauses.

9.4 You acknowledge that due to the nature of the Internet, access to the Website may be suspended, restricted or terminated at any time. We accept no responsibility for this.

10. Warranty/Indemnity

10.1 You agree to indemnify Shop for climate CHANGE against and to be wholly responsible for all liabilities, claims and expenses that may arise out of or in connection with (a) any breach of this Agreement by you or through your Account, or (b) any purchase with a retailer.

10.1 We are unable to warrant or guarantee our site will be free from trojans, computer viruses, malware or infection of any kind. We endeavour to avoid any such contamination however shall not be held liable for any loss, damage or disruption you may suffer as a consequence of having your own devices infected through our service. We recommend using the latest virus protection and malware software

11. Fair Use Policy

12.1 We reserve the right to remove access to the Shop for Climate CHANGE Service by Account Holders should we deem any breach of this Agreement by an Account Holder has taken place.

12.2 By using our website, you agree to comply with all the terms of this agreement, in particular our (12) Fair use Policy below:

Account Holder’s agree not to:

  1. Not use any offensive, defamatory,  obscene or indecent materials;
  2. Not breach any legislation, laws, regulations, rights of any person or entity.
  3. Self promote any services for goods and services. 
  4. Upload, target our website through third party services creating denial of services or related acts to disrupt our services.
  5. Infect our website with any thrift party, scrips, code, trojan, malware, computer virus or any activities to reduce the performance of our services in any way.
  6. Any content published by you shall become non-confidential, non-proprietary and in the public domain.
  7. Should a third party make a claim against us for content posted by You on our Site that violates their intellectual property rights or rights to privacy. You give us permission to pass on your personal details to them.

12.3 You acknowledge we shall remove any materials on our website that  we determine are in breach of this Agreement without notice.

12. General terms of use

12.1 We recommend you not to share your passwords with any 3rd parties and keep your account information confidential.

12.2 We reserve the right to disable any password at any time without notice if we suspect fraud. You will be able to use our password reset option in these circumstances to gain full access to your account.

12.3 We reserve the right to utilise any and all fraud prevention measures as we see fit to protect you, our retailers and our community from fraud.

12.4 From time to time retailers can make mistakes in the data provided, in these circumstances Errors and Omissions (E&O) will be updated as soon as they are brought to our attention. Any such errors will relate to the retailer making the offer not us. We accept no responsibility for any such Errors and Omissions.

12.5 The information on our website should not be relied on for or considered to be advice on which you should rely. We would recommend you to always obtain professional advice before taking any action on which you use the information provided to take an action. 

12.6 Retailers can and often do change commissions advertised without notice. We do make efforts to update the information on our website to the best of our ability. We are not able to offer any warranties or guarantees, whether express or implied, that the information on our website is accurate, complete or up to date.

12.7 We will exercise reasonable care and skill in performing our obligations to you but we do not guarantee that the Site will meet your requirements.

12.8 These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

By registering with us and creating your account on our Website, You are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Terms and Conditions or the practices of Commission it or it’s Website contact us by sending us an emailing to [email protected] 

Last updated : 25/11/2021.